Providing High Quality Bathroom Products to UK Retailers

We Support Displaying Outlets Only

Our products are of the highest of quality, so we want our customers and the consumer to be able to touch and feel that quality, in the correct environment, so they have 100% confidence in purchasing our products.

We Offer Exclusivity

We are looking for a select number of showrooms in each postal area, bringing exclusivity to our partners.

We Offer Margin Protection

With a select number of outlets with access to our products locally our partners can be satisfied that the long term viability of their business is a key consideration in our decision making processes.

About Our Company

The vision behind One of One Bathrooms was created in an office in the centre of Harrogate. With over 50 years experience in the bathroom industry, owning and working within some of the leading bathroom brands, we felt a new Dawn was upon the bathroom industry.

Some of the leading brands were failing to offer the correct package to the very businesses that had built those brands in the first place. For far too long leading brands have created demand within the showroom environment but have not been offering the required loyalty and support to their showroom partners.

The bathroom industry has got to the stage were showrooms are having to hide a brands true identity when making a sale in order to make a sale viable, this cannot be a long term solution for showrooms or brands so we felt the time was now to act.

Our strategy is simple and comes in three parts
1.To support displaying outlets
2.To offer exclusivity
3.To offer margin protection

These three principles form the heart of the company and is at the forefront of our minds when making any strategic decision for One of One Bathrooms. We have put together a team of extremely knowledgeable and passionate people to work in all parts of the business to form a formidable company to make our vision a reality. We believe a brand is only as strong as it’s network of showrooms and we want the people involved with the brands to have trust in the company and its decision making.

Our Brands.

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Dawn Link

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We are currently looking for new strategic retail partners for The Harrogate Collection and Dawn

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